Admissions open from Toddler to IX & XI

Chairman's Message

An Institute with a Vision

Late S.Raghbir Singh ji a great philanthropist, Visionary, a Veteran in the field of Education, got inspiration from the life of one of the beloved disciple Sikh of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji named Bhai Joga Singh ji. Bhai Joga Singh ji was given this name by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji, which means "for the Guru".

S.Raghbir Singh ji had a special respect, care, love and affection for the girl children. With this vision in mind, he established aided school for girls named, Bhai Joga Singh Khalsa Girls Secondary School along with the Gurudwara at East Patel Nagar. After few years, he opened another school named Bhai Joga Singh Girls Public School at Faiz Road, Karol Bagh, with the intention of upliftment of Girls in the Society. He neither had motive nor any intention to earn profit. He was a true believer of "Sarbat Da Bhala"- practising growth and prosperity for one and all, with no intention to earn profit- NOT AT ALL BEING MONEY MINDED. With the span of time, Girls school was converted to Co-educational School with the same vision, aim and intention.

School is still progressing with HIS Vision and philosophy. Education in this institution includes multi-disciplinary career building, development in the field of sports, activities, cultural and spiritual affinity and a love for their heritage.

India is a country with diversity but against all ODDS, we stand united as a single entity. It is time to rise above- caste, creed, colour and religion and include everyone in the process of growth. Though being a Sikh Minority Organisation, the door of our school are open for one and all.

We pray to Almighty that students of our school go across the globe and spread the fragrance of goodwill, brotherhood and humanity taught to them in this institution.

Student Admission Open